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2012 English Grad Published in The Wayfarer


Robbie Maakestad, a 2012 Taylor graduate in English with a Creative Writing concentration, has had two poems published in the Fall 2013 issue of The Wayfarer: A Journal of Contemplative Literature.

Robbie says, “I wrote them in a poetry class at Taylor with Dan Bowman, and have refined them since. Both center on experiences from my time in Jerusalem during the fall of 2011. For the most part I’ve written memoir essays about my time in Israel, but these experiences lent themselves to the brevity and image-based writing of poetry.”

Upon graduating from Taylor, Robbie accepted a full teaching fellowship to the two-year MA program in Creative Writing at Ball State University. Currently he is teaching English 103: Rhetoric and Composition while completing his own graduate coursework. He blogs about his experience at

The Wayfarer is the quarterly journal of HomeBound Publications, a literary press in Connecticut with a focus on introspective storytelling. Previously, Robbie’s work has appeared in Antler, The Broken Plate, Marco Polo Arts Magazine, and Parnassus.

Robbie Maakestad

The poems appear in the autumn issue of The Wayfarer, which released September 21, 2013. The issue is available in print or as a free e-book.


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