Relief Journal

Taylor’s English department is the proud home of Relief Journal. Students can participate in the creation of the journal through ENG 470: Literary Editing and Publishing II – Relief Journal. (The prerequisite course is Literary Editing and Publishing I – Parnassus.)

As a leading national journal of art and faith, Relief publishes fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art that help shape the landscapes of faith, imagination, and creativity for the contemporary reader. In addition to a print journal published yearly, Relief publishes short personal essays on the blog Monday through Friday throughout the year. The blog attracts readers from around the world who hunger for spiritual growth and artistic excellence.

A reader of Relief experiences a beautifully designed, expertly edited magazine featuring work by some of the finest literary practitioners, alongside emerging voices. Relief has published award-winning writers like Jeanne Murray Walker, Brett Foster, Luci Shaw, Tania Runyan, and many others.