Writing Center

Mission & Objectives

The Taylor University Writing Center exists to inspire and equip students at all levels of proficiency from all academic disciplines to develop effective reading and writing skills. In order to help students improve their reading and writing skills, we aim to help them

  • Understand their assignments
  • Discover their strengths and weaknesses as readers and writers
  • Think rhetorically about their writing, considering the audience, purpose, and genre
  • Increase their confidence in reading and writing
  • Enhance their communication and collaborative learning skills

Director’s Vision

As the Writing Center director, I want all undergraduate and graduate writers to feel welcome when they visit the center. I want to foster a safe place in which students can explore their ideas as well as their faith, raise tough questions, and discern ways of communicating effectively with their readers. As an expository writing professor, I also want writers to develop their critical thinking skills in conjunction with their reading and writing abilities. Even using correct grammar and documentation styles entails learning the logic behind them, so tutors cover those areas, too. And as a literary poet and writer, I likewise want the Writing Center to be a place that encourages all students to use their imaginations to develop originality and depth in their prose.

Although we discuss writing, we focus on writers. Conversing about writing engages writers in powerful, collaborative learning experiences; builds upon their strengths; and clarifies their ideas. Our ultimate goal is to help students become confident and reflective writers. Additionally, tutors provide English language support for multilingual writers, including writing assistance with English language trouble spots.

Director of the Writing Center

Prof. Julie Moore

Office: Zondervan Library 133

Phone: 765-998-5526


You can find us in the Zondervan Library, Room 132. We are located along the west wall to the right of the staircase as you enter the library. Upon your request, evening tutoring sessions can also take place in AEC rooms 138 or 140.


Afternoons: Mondays-Fridays, 1:00-5:00 
Evenings: Sundays-Thursdays, 7:00-10:00

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